Hello my name is Brandon Longton, I am pretty happy to share my experience with you as I assist to bring unique comfort to your home. I believe in the service and honor that each customer trusts us enough to fix or maintain gas and electric equipment in your home. 

     Brief history ; I was taught HVAC by my grandfather Mel Taylor. Started at 13 years old in Midway utah. Helping grandpa in those days paid very little(3.60 an HR).

      Though priceless would be how he molded me to love every part of it. Combined with quality products I believe I will revolutionize the industry just like grandpa did when he started Bonneville heating in Salt lake in the 70's and 80's. 

    I have been a technician since 2005.

  Ultimate Technical Academy in 2005. Nate recognized. I was fortunate enough to be the first HVAC tech hired in Utah to work with weatherization in 2010 under the structure of the Davis county health department.There I worked as a furnace Santa, I gave away and installed thousands of furnaces and water heaters. Gaining a lot of custom experience in interesting home structures. Like a train car turned into a living space.

 Next I worked for the Salt lake County facilities team specializing in all aspects of commercial applications, such as working at the police departments , jails, DA's office and much more. Even receiving a letter of commendation in 2017 from the Sheriff's department , then also receiving employee of the month from the Sheriff's dept in 2017. 

    I love this trade and believe my workmanship is highest quality. Without refinancing your life.

Brandon Longton - owner

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